Have a special picnic close to home.

There are 6 community parks within the Mountain Air Country Club grounds each with its own flavor and character. All parks have picnic areas and a campfire ring or fireplace; perfect for entertaining.

  • Hawks Ledge Park
    • A popular choice for family picnics, concerts and weddings, this gathering spot is anchored by the 3 story Point Happy Tree House. It also features a playground, fire pit, gazebo, hammock and 360 degree view.

  • Heritage Ridge Park
    • Located in the Heritage Ridge neighborhood, this park has seating carved into rock, separate sunrise and sunset overlook pavilions and a covered family picnic area. Here you will also find a trailhead leading to Creekside Park.

  • Creekside Park
    • A perfect walking and hiking area for an easy stroll through the woods. This park has a trout pond, natural creek, a large pavilion, waterwheel pavilion, amphitheater and interpretive trail system.

  • Hemlock Park
    • This park is a tribute to Mountain Air’s environmental sensitivity. A boardwalk system suspends grills, picnic area and walking paths over a creek so that the delicate creek ecosystem is not disturbed. A screened gazebo is perfect for entertaining guests.

  • Spring Rock Park
    • This park features yoga platforms, a busy frog and dragonfly pond, porch swing, walking labyrinth, restrooms and a covered porch where you can sit, relax and enjoy the mountain view.

  • Boulder Pass Park

    • A unique neighborhood “pocket” park with big views and a great fire pit.